Unlock a world of achievement with our awesome badges!


Calling all young Greek adventurers - with the help of their awesome parents, of course!

Get ready to unlock a world of awesome achievement with the all-new badges on the Ellinopoula platform!

Picture this: every time your child logs in, they’ll have a chance to snag epic badges like Scout, Video Gamer, and Lab Scientist! How cool is that?

See our awesome new badges! Check out the video below!

Here’s how to help your child earn their badges:

STEP 1 - Enter the all-new Child’s World

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Log into the upgraded Ellinopoula platform – it’s even more amazing now, with impressive new features and animations your child will love!

STEP 2 - Go to My Badges

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Guide your child to look to the right of the Theme collections. There they’ll see a new section called My Badges. Click on it together to see a treasure trove of badges waiting to be unlocked!

STEP 3 - Pick your challenge

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There are lots of badges to choose from, all focused on super cool topics like science, sports, and even Greek myths! Team up with your child to pick a challenge from their favorite area. Each badge gives you a clear mission – a list of activities kids need to complete to unlock it.

STEP 4 - Play, learn, and unlock those badges!!

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This is where the real fun begins! Help your child conquer the activities listed on their badge. Every challenge they complete brings them on step closer to unlocking their badge! Feel the excitement grow!

STEP 5 - Time to celebrate!

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Once your child unlocks a badge, it’s time to celebrate their achievements! These badges are proof of how awesome they’re becoming at learning Greek. You can help them display them with pride right next to their avatar in the Child’s World. But that’s not all! You can even print them out to create their collection, or maybe stick them on their bedroom door or the fridge to show off to the whole family!

Get ready for an epic learning adventure with Ellinopoula badges! Let’s go!

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