Your goal is to pass on the Greek language to your child. We have the same goal and created Ellinopoula with just that in mind.


Kids learn Greek one step at a time

The Learning Path makes Greek language learning exciting. Structured step-by-step lessons take children by the hand to learn Greek and also our beautiful Culture, History, and Mythology.


Small weekly goals to make Greek language learning easy

'My things to do' was designed to help your child set small goals to achieve the bigger goal of learning Greek without being overwhelmed.

It's a checklist tailored to each child's age and level of knowledge which gets renewed every week. Greek language learning becomes achievable and exciting with just one or two activities per day.

Tutoring with a native Greek speaker

Ellinopoula was created to bring children of all ages closer to our Greek heritage and help them learn the Greek language.

Our group tutoring sessions are meant to help children along, give them the opportunity to interact with other Ellinopoula, alongside a native Greek tutor, and practice what they have learned.

Progress Reports

Stay up-to-date with your child’s progress with our informative up-to-the-minute reports. Keep track of what your child watches and plays and how much he/she is learning.

Personalized Content

Greek language learning on Ellinopoula is tailored to your child’s age and knowledge level, creating a fun environment so your child maintains his/her interest in learning Greek.

Greek language learning is convenient

Available on browsers on both computers and tablets, and through our iPad app, Greek language learning is not only fun and exciting for kids, but also convenient for parents.

Would you like your child to start learning Greek?

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