Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to give my credit card just to try the site?

We ask for your credit card so that your child will have uninterrupted service once the free month is over. Rest assured that we will NOT charge your credit card before the end of the free trial month, and there are no contracts, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How does my child learn Greek watching videos on Ellinopoula?

A child learns Greek not only by listening to the Greek language of the video, but ALSO and most important because right after the video a quiz or other game is displayed which has been designed to re-enforce the words and phrases that the child heard during the video. But that is not all. There are other quizzes and educational games on our platform besides the videos and ALL of them help in the learning of the Greek language.

How does my child start to play and learn, after I create my account?

After you create your account, please add your child's profile and log in the child on the device where the child will be using most often. To add a child, do the following:

  • Login to Ellinopoula
  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Add a Child and provide the name, sex and age of the child
  • Then click on the image of the child to login him/her. A playlist appropriate for the child's age and sex will start playing right away. If you do not want the curated playlist, then Browse the library to select any available video. Or click on the Games on the top of the page to go straight to some of the games.

Where is the parent's page?

To get to the Parents page, login and then click on My Account. If your child is already logged in to that device, select your name from the top of the page and enter your password in the dialog box. It will take you to the My Account page.

How do I help my child with navigating the website in order to learn Greek?

Actually children are usually better at finding things than their parents. Also a prepared playlist is automatically displayed when the child is logged in. The quizzes which re-enforce the language, are displayed automatically after the video is over or even if the child skips to another video. You can help the child by browsing the library and finding other videos which your child may enjoy. You can also do some of the games and quizzes together with your child. You can find some other games by clicking Games on the Player and Browse pages. Many more are coming.

What other videos are there besides the ones automatically displayed?

There is a library with beautiful videos and most series have very good family values and all the videos have been pre-screened by the Ellinopoula team for language and content appropriateness. Click on The Browse button on the player page and then click the top right and left arrows to see more lists of videos.

Why is the language fast in some of the videos and how can my child learn watching them?

Though the language may appear fast to some parents, it is amazing how much the children, who are more adaptable than adults, pick up. Children love to watch video and play games. Our platform harnesses children's natural behavior to get them learning Greek while they watch and play. The more time your child spends on the Ellinopoula platform, the more they will absorb, without even realizing that they are taking lessons.

Why do you charge for the videos when many of them are free on YouTube?

There are several and very important reasons:

  • All of our content has been acquired legitimately from the original producer and this ensures its safety, quality and authenticity. In addition we thoroughly screen each video that we stream, in order to ensure its suitability for the children on our platform.
  • We charge a subscription fee in order to cover our costs of acquiring content and offering the service, without bombarding your children with 3rd party advertising. Again there are NO ads or external messages anywhere on the Ellinopoula platform. This is the only way to ensure that your child will not be exposed to undesirable language, nudity, violence or any other inappropriate or undesirable content.
  • But that is not all. Our Premium level subscription comes with several types of quizzes and games which follow the video and which are designed to reinforce the words and phrases that the child hears during the video. These quizzes and games are designed by teachers who have taught or are teaching Greek children of the Diaspora. It is a unique way to learn Greek while your child is having fun.

What is the Learning Path?

The Learning Path is a serial step-by-step structured process for children to learn Greek. This is a unique process which integrates the learning of Mythology, Geography and Greek Culture along with the teaching of the language.

How is a child assigned to a "path"?

The path is assigned automatically to every child according to his level and age. An image/tile for the path of each child will appear automatically in the child’s Home page.

What does each Learning Path consist of?

Each path consists of multiple steps and ALSO of elements about the theme of the page. The steps are indicated by round images. The current step that the child must execute is a bigger circle than the others. All the future steps are inactive and ONLY the step which the child must do is active. The child can repeat a step as many times as he/she wants but he cannot skip a step. He/she can also go backwards to previous steps or lessons but he cannot skip a lesson.

How does my child use the Learning Path?

All the child has to do is click on the path on his/her Home page and then click on his current step (biggest circle)

What are the other oblong boxes on the page for?

Besides the steps that the child MUST do, each path has a theme either from our Mythology or Geography or Culture and it contains text and voice over for each element on the page. Though these elements are not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to ask the child to listen to them. Each element is both in Greek and English and the sound is in both languages as well. The purpose of these elements is to expose our children to our beautiful heritage without making it mandatory for them to "learn" it.

How is the level of the child assigned?

Parents assign the level to their children when they register the child

How do I change the level of my child?

You can change the level of the child from the "My Account" page and then click on the button "Edit" which is below the child’s name.

What do I do if the path is too difficult for my child

You can change the level of the child from the "My Account" page and then click on the button "Edit" which is below the child’s name. It is always better to have the child follow an easier path and get to the more challenging lessons gradually.

Must my child do only the path?

No, the child can do couple of steps of the lesson of the path, then go to the games or the quizzes and do something there or watch a fun video and then get to his lesson step at another time. Anything he/she does on the site he/she will learn

Can the child get out of the path to play a game and then get back to it and continue another day?

Yes, the child can do couple of steps of the lesson of the path, then go to the games or the quizzes or the activities and do something there or watch a fun video and then get to his lesson step at another time. Anything he/she does on the site he/she will learn

Can the child go ahead if the path is too easy for him?

The child can complete the steps faster or at any pace he can but he cannot skip a step

Can a child repeat a step or a lesson?

Yes, the child can replay or re-do any step and any lesson.

How can children learn to write?

We have a series of printable pages which the child can print and practice writing. They are all in the "printables" section of the Activities page.

Why isn’t there any path for my child who is level 3?

This is our first phase of the rolling out of the Learning Path. We plan to have the level 3 ready by Summer and the level 4 by Fall

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