Kids learn Greek and have fun as a result of our structured lessons which combine exciting games, videos, and interactive activities.


How Kids Learn Greek with Ellinopoula

Kids learn Greek online with Ellinopoula, an innovative e-learning platform that makes learning Greek, fun. Ellinopoula features a structured step-by-step lesson method and thousands of activities including games, videos, and quizzes inspired by Greek culture, history, and mythology.

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How Do Kids Learn Greek?

What's the best way for kids to learn Greek? How do kids learn Greek better? Learning a language is not always easy, especially for kids. This is why it's important to capture their attention and engage their natural desire for playing and learning. In particular, Greek diaspora parents want an effective method for learning Greek their kids won't lose interest in. Ultimately, you want your child to have fun discovering the beauty and heritage of the Greek language. Consequently, we help kids learn Greek with aural, visual, and verbal methods featuring fun content steeped in Greek culture.

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Comprehensive Greek Lessons

Structure leads to success and kids learn Greek better with comprehensive lessons. For this reason, we created Ellinopoula, an interactive platform to help kids learn Greek through a comprehensive curriculum. Furthermore, to ensure we're teaching your child appropriate content we based our curriculum on the guidelines of the Hellenic Ministry of Education. In addition, we consult education professionals with decades of experience teaching Greek to diaspora kids around the world.

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Safe Environment

At Ellinopoula, your child's well-being is our top priority. For this reason, we screen all our content for safety and suitability. Furthermore, kids learn Greek better in a controlled environment free of ads and other distractions.

The Ellinopoula Method to Help Kids Learn Greek

Structured Learning

Kids learn Greek better with an appropriate structure to support their learning efforts. Kids mostly give up due to a curriculum they don’t understand. In order to address this, we created the "Learning Path," a highly effective method for maintaining and increasing kids' interest in learning Greek. The Learning Path is a feature exclusive to, designed for children starting at a level of little to no Greek.

Greek Heritage

We incorporate beautifully designed Greek themed backgrounds and content featuring Aesop's Fables, the Odyssey, and other Greek heritage gems. As a consequence, kids learn Greek and discover the abundance of their Greek heritage. Furthermore, kids become increasingly interested in learning Greek as they associate the heritage with the language and vice versa. For instance, kids have fun listening to Odysseus speaking in Greek!

Fun and Engaging

We structured our curriculum and content to motivate kids to stay on the path of learning. That's why we continuously create new fun videos, games, and interactive activities with beautiful, colorful animations and loveable characters children can relate to. Furthermore, kids learn Greek and maintain their enthusiasm for longer due to the exciting visual surprises we've added throughout the platform.


One size does not fit all - that's the reason most kids give up learning Greek. In other words, effective learning requires tailoring the content for each kid. That's why it's very important for kids to start learning at a level they feel comfortable at. Consequently, we follow the age and level guidelines for teaching Greek as a second language as set out by the Hellenic Ministry of Education. In this way, you can rest assured your child is learning Greek in the best way possible.

Visual Aids

To help kids learn Greek more effectively we've incorporated instructions, subtitles, and captions in English in the first and second level of the curriculum. Furthermore, we've added Greek subtitles to all videos to help kids to connect Greek narration and text. In addition, we've incorporated selective highlights to make it easier for kids to follow the audio and focus their attention on key words and concepts.


When kids learn Greek, a very common challenge is a lack of reinforcement and opportunity to practice what the grammar and vocabulary they've learned in each lesson. Consequently, we give kids the opportunity to practice through fun videos, games, and other activities to keep up their learning momentum. As a result, kids learn Greek while having fun with just 5 minutes a day on the Learning Path.

Kids Learn Greek from Native Speakers

High-quality voice-overs are critical for kids to improve their listening comprehension of the Greek language. Therefore, we've added native Greek voice-overs to boost kids' listening and pronunciation. Furthermore, listening to the voice-overs and repeating them leads to rapid improvement in learning Greek.

Progress Tracking

Learning Greek is meant to be a joyous and rewarding adventure for kids. Consequently, we don't want our young heroes to get lost in a "linguistic labyrinth." Accordingly, every young hero needs guidance and a path when setting out on their quest to learn Greek. Therefore, we help kids on their journey of discovery by equipping them with the Learning Path and other tools for them and their parents to track their progress in learning the Greek language.

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