Our unique combination of the Learning Path with games, activities, and videos will make learning the Greek language fun for kids.


How do kids learn Greek?

By hearing, seeing, doing, and speaking with a native Greek speaker

Learning a language is not always easy, especially for children. This is why it's important to capture children's attention and engage their natural love for playing and learning.

Whether playing a game, watching a video, or doing an interactive activity, your child will interact with the Greek language in three ways: through listening, seeing, and doing and will encounter what they're learning repeatedly in different forms to help them absorb it effectively.

The characteristics of our methodology help kids learn the Greek language

Structured Learning

The Learning Path is a step-by-step set of lessons that takes children by the hand to learn Greek, starting from simple concepts and building on these concepts to help them learn Greek well. Kids will also practice each of the concepts they learned in various forms, like games, videos, and a variety of interactive activities as well as with a tutor.


We have created videos, games, and activities with beautiful animations, loveable characters children can relate to, and exciting visual surprises to keep them motivated to continue learning Greek. Your child will be able to interact with the content and immerse themselves in the language learning process in a fun way, not only learning the Greek language, but also our History, Mythology, and Culture.

Subtitles and Captions

At the first two levels, there are English translations of the captions and instructions so as to help children understand what it is they are learning and to help them connect Greek words with the English translation. Additionally, all our videos have subtitles so children can both see and hear the narration.

Native Greek

All of our content has voice-overs by native Greek speakers to help your child with their pronunciation and listening skills and improve their comprehension through repetition.


We use selective highlighting in many of our videos and short stories so your child can follow along easily to what they are hearing and learn Greek more effectively.


Using the Hellenic Ministry of Education’s guidelines for Greek as a second language, your child will be shown content that is relevant not only to their level of knowledge, but also to their age.

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