Ellinopoula is a complete Greek-language learning solution featuring original, fun and effective content. We offer customized pricing and special discounts for schools.


How Ellinopoula is ideal for Greek schools and teachers

Ellinopoula provides every Greek school teacher flexibility and ready materials so they can concentrate on passing the Greek language and Hellenism to children.

Join the ever-increasing number of teachers and schools who take advantage of our completed curriculum or use our material to supplement their existing one, making Greek school lessons more fun and engaging for students.

Don't worry about absenteeism and falling behind because all lessons and materials are online and accessible from any browser or through our iPad app.

With the support of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

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Specially for Greek schools and teachers

The Learning Path

No need to prepare lessons! The Learning Path is the ultimate way to teach a child Greek step-by-step following the guidelines of the Hellenic Ministry of Education on Greek as a second language.

Ready Material

Fun games, engaging videos, and 1000s of interactive activities that make homework fun are ready to use and integrate into your existing Greek school curriculum.

Teacher's Dashboard

Syllabus overview, lesson analysis, and student progress are all just a click away and part of your personalized dashboard.


Up to the minute student reports so you can monitor how they are doing and adapt your lesson according to what they like. Each student collects points giving you the option to gamify the lesson and make it that much more fun to learn Greek.


What people say for

  • This is an AMAZING Greek website with a fantastic wealth of Greek oral language and Greek Cultural content

    Georgia Tzanavara Teacher, Australia

  • I downloaded your app and Athenoula was loving it this morning. Repeating all of the words, watching the Smurfs, etc.!!! I love that she loves it. Efharisto.

    Frosene Phillips CA, USA

  • We looked at several on-line platforms and we chose Ellinopoula for our school because it is the most complete site both about the language and Hellenism.

    Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos Principal, Connecticut school, USA

  • is the internet program that is universally hailed as the new way of teaching modern Greek through entertainment

    Paul Kotrotsios Editor, Pennsylvania USA

  • Our students enjoy interactive learning with Ellinopoula, a fun way of learning our beautiful language and culture. Highly recommend it to everyone.

    Margaret Kolokithas Pedia Greek School, Australia

The complete solution for every Greek school teacher.

Enhanced Collaboration

We work closely with every Greek school using Ellinopoula to provide the help and tools they need in order to pass on the Greek language and Hellenism to the next generation more effectively.

Ready to use educational content

Truly, there is no prep work required when you use Ellinopoula. We have hundreds of printables, games, videos, quizzes, and activities, ready to use to help reinforce what every Greek school student has learned in class.


You no longer have to worry about falling behind due to absenteeism. All lessons and content are online so kids can go over what they missed at home without holding back the rest of the class.

Fun and Engaging

Leave the handouts for in-class work and assign a game or interactive activity for homework, and you'll have a whole class that's completed assignments for the first time!


Monitor how your students are doing with our detailed progress reports for the class as a whole or each student individually. Adapt your lesson according to what your class prefers or what students are having trouble understanding, and gamify your lessons by using our points system.

Greener and Cost-effective

By providing an alternative to the paper-based learning and testing of traditional classrooms, e-learning is an effective way for schools to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.


Greek school homework can be fun and games!

We use a unique combination of games, videos, and interactive educational activities so that learning Greek becomes enjoyable for Greek children around the world. Of course, we haven't forgotten about writing – we have 100s of printables you can use, too!



The unique e-learning method

Ellinopoula's methodology was created based on the most recent advances in linguistic and educational research for improving children's learning. Most importantly, we follow the guidelines set out by the Hellenic Ministry of Education on Greek as a second language.


Would you like to see Ellinopoula in action?

Join the ever increasing number of Greek schools and teachers who use Ellinopoula in their classrooms.
We offer special discounted pricing for schools to benefit by bringing their students the most fun and effective Greek language e-learning method.

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