Greek Orthodox Archdiocese partners with Ellinopoula!

Following the program's success last year, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has secured a special price for the Ellinopoula platform. Utilizing a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Archdiocese will subsidize part of the license cost for any Archdiocese District Greek schools that sign up with Ellinopoula.

Why Ellinopoula


Kids learn the Greek language in a unique way

Times have changed and technology has changed - enabling new efficient methods for learning.


Fun and engaging content - the smart way to learn Greek

Kids love learning Greek with so many exciting games, videos, and interactive activities!


Pass on the Greek heritage & Hellenism

In addition to language teaching, Ellinopoula is designed to pass down our rich Greek heritage as well.


With the #1 platform for Greek online education

Ellinopoula was recognized as the Best Online Platform for Kids to Learn Greek at the 7th Annual Education Leaders Awards for the 3rd year in a row.

Especially for schools:

  • Comprehensive course material from Pre-K through Ellinomatheia A2 certification, all integrated with Greek culture.
  • Special teacher tools to customize lessons.
  • Special teacher tools to monitor and assess your students' progress.
  • Personalized live training for each of your teachers by Ellinopoula trainers.

What teachers say about Ellinopoula

This is an AMAZING Greek website with a fantastic wealth of Greek oral language and Greek Cultural content. Now with the covid Ellinopoula has been very useful in the teaching of Greek and have helped me keep in touch with my students and monitor all their homework online.

Georgia Tzanavara
Teacher, Australia

I am really thankful for Ellinopoula. It's a very smart and fun way for our students to learn Greek.

Chryssa Coletsos

As a Greek philologist, with over twenty-five years of experience teaching Greek, American, and Greek-American students, what I must assert about the ELLINOPOULA electronic program used to teach the Greek language, is that every Greek home with children and foremost every Greek-American School should use it.

Georgia Vasilopoulou
Philologist, Allentown Pennsylvania

This new platform of Ellinopoula is godsent!! It is a wonderful program and we are very grateful that the school has purchased it for the students. My daughter is completing all her work and hopes to advance her knowledge of the Greek language and culture. Again I wanted to thank all of you that made this possible.

Thea Dimopoulos

Your program offers different approaches to learning - music, puzzles, matching - that students today need. Ellinopoula has taken Greek language instruction to the new millennium and it is wonderful to be a part of it.

Dr. Katerina Lagos
Director, Hellenic Studies Program, Sacramento State University

Thank you for always being so accommodating. My students and teachers love working on the platform!

Korina Tortoka
Principal, St. George School, Norwalk

Apply now to get Ellinopoula for your school

Join the ever-increasing number of Greek schools and teachers who use Ellinopoula in their classrooms! Boost student performance and satisfaction by giving them the most fun and effective Greek language learning platform!
For your school to benefit from this collaboration between the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Ellinopoula, apply by filling in the details below. Applications will be processed by date received.

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