Learning Greek Builds Self-Esteem for Diaspora Kids


Did you know that apart from helping boost brain power and academic performance, learning Greek helps build self-esteem in Greek diaspora kids? Study after study shows that learning a “heritage language” boosts kids’ self-esteem, helps them build a more concrete self-identity, and connect better to their family.

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A Universal Phenomenon

This effect has been demonstrated time and again in studies of Hispanic, German, Chinese, and Aboriginal Australian kids learning their heritage language in a Diaspora minority or other native language dominant setting. In each ethnic group, learning their heritage language resulted in higher levels of self-esteem, better-formed self-identity, and improved academic performance.

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The Reverse Effect

Unfortunately, studies suggest the reverse is also true – kids that learn a heritage language at home and discontinue it when engaging in the dominant native language at school and society at large may experience a loss of self-esteem; they may also experience some judgment from other kids who speak the heritage language more fluently.

How Ellinopoula Does It

Back to the positives! Studies show that bicultural adaptation makes for smarter, more successful kids and adults later in life! That’s why at Ellinopoula, we’ve integrated the study of the Greek language with Hellenism. We understand that they go hand in hand and that’s why we’ve built a platform steeped in Greek mythology, history, and heritage. We aim to offer schools and parents the closest thing to full immersion kids can get.

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Our Ultimate Goal

By enabling Greek Diaspora kids to engage in the study of Hellenism and the Greek language, we aim to contribute to smarter, happier, more successful kids. Going beyond Greek language fluency and academic prowess, we aim to aid in the building of a stronger presence of Hellenism worldwide. We strive for kids who’ll form a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage of their parents and grandparents and form stronger bonds to their magnificent Greek cultural heritage and motherland.

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