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What is Ellinopoula? 

Ellinopoula is the most fun way for kids to learn Greek! Diaspora kids embrace the Greek language and Hellenic heritage with our multiple-award-winning platform combined with our Live Online Classes.

Kids learn Greek the fun way!

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Structured Lessons

With our "Learning Path" methodology, kids learn step-by-step. 

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Greek Heritage

Kids learn about Greek customs, traditions, and national holidays. 

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Exciting Content

Thousands of games, videos, and interactive activities. 

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Live Classes and Tutoring 

Live Online Classes offers students a real classroom experience.  

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How do Kids Learn?

At Ellinopoula, learning Greek is an exciting, meaningful, and playful experience for kids. We achieve this in two ways: with the structured learning offered through our multiple-award-winning online platform and our new weekly Live Online Classes with certified native Greek teachers. 

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A complete solution for kids to learn Greek from home the fun way!


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Live Online Classes

Our certified native Greek teachers boost learning and kids enjoy the benefits of a real school


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What makes Ellinopoula so special?

Most Effective Method

The synergy of the platform and our Live Online Classes enables kids to learn at the right pace from anywhere while also reaping the powerful benefits of group learning in a live class under the guidance of qualified native Greek teachers. 

Passing on Hellenism

We created Ellinopoula to bring kids closer to Hellenism and their Greek heritage! That's why we combine learning the Greek language with Greek traditions, customs, mythology, and even Greek national holidays like the 28th of October and the 25th of March.

Kids Learn Greek the Fun Way! 

Kids learn through playing and exploring! So we created Ellinopoula for kids to learn Greek through thousands of games, videos, and interactive activities about Greece, mythology, sports, nutrition, space, animals, numbers, school, and much more.  

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We constantly add new and exciting original content to the platform to keep our students’ interest high! We ensure kids are even more motivated to learn Greek and about Hellenic heritage through new videos, series, games, quizzes, printables, and themed collections covering a wide range of topics.

Learning Greek is fun with Ellinopoula

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