Why Celebrate International Greek Language Day!


On February 9th, the whole world celebrates Greek - the language that shaped the modern world through democracy, science, ethics, philosophy, humanism, and the arts! And for us, it’s an occasion to celebrate our heritage; a celebration to honor this treasure within us, that acts like a key to unlocking a world of stories, traditions, and a deep understanding of our roots.

Spoken for more than 3,000 years, Greek is the world’s oldest recorded living language. We are honored to be part of this legacy by passing our wonderful Greek language to the next generation!

By learning Greek, children gain:

  • A connection to their identity: Learning Greek allows them to connect with pappou & yiayia, family history, and cultural heritage on a deeper level.
  • A cultural bridge: The Greek language opens doors to the vibrant world of Greek culture, literature, music, and history, from the epic poems of Homer to exciting content about life in modern-day Greece.
  • Cognitive benefits: Studies show that learning another language enhances cognitive skills like memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  • A connection to the whole world: In today’s interconnected world, knowing Greek gives children an advantage in understanding different cultures and perspectives.
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