How Greek Boosts the Study of STEAM Subjects


November 8th marks STEM or STEAM day, standing for Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics. A day we observe the importance of these fields of study in education, in shaping the minds of the young who go out to shape the world in their adulthood. At Ellinopoula, we understand it is up to us education professionals, parents, and teachers to inspire, equip, and encourage them on their path of learning.

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It is no secret that the extent to which kids have the opportunity to study STEAM subjects correlates to their future professional success. What might be less known is that the Greek language and Greek heritage stand prominently at the center of each STEAM subject, almost as if to give kids an unfair advantage in each of these fields of study. It is well known that mathematics, geometry, the theater, poetry, literature, history, mythology, medicine, engineering, sculpture, and even civil governance as we know it today have roots in and reflect the ancient Greek world. What is known to a lesser extent however is that the Greek language, in all its manifestations, can grasp and explain each distinct discipline and showcase its interrelation with the others.

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The Greek language has a distinct ability to combine words and concepts to create more abstract ones such as “Geometry” being the “measuring of the land” and “Technology” being the “systematic study of crafts.” Greek heritage – coupled with the Greek language - also assists kids in understanding other fundamental concepts. For instance, Aesop’s fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper, kids grasp the concept and value of delayed gratification – a major predictor of future life success in kids – and also learn distinct and expressive vocabulary to ignite their imagination.

Let’s also remember, just like with Greek mythology, let’s always keep it fun and exciting for kids!

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