Giving Kids the Chance to Speak Greek


Without a doubt, the “secret” to speaking Greek is daily practice! However, it’s not always easy for kids to practice speaking Greek throughout the week. That’s why we’ve integrated tools and features to help kids learn faster and make the most of their classes.

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Greek Language Odyssey

A Greek teacher once told his Sunday class the ‘secret’ to reaching the goal of speaking fluent Greek as fast as possible. He knew his class loved mythology and the Odyssey in particular. So he compared that learning Greek with that of Odysseus. He asked the classroom: “How often do you think Odysseus tried to reach his home island of Ithaca? Once a week? Twice a week? Or every day? The answer was obvious - “Every day!” the class replied in unison. “Well, just like Odysseus and his crew had to sail and row every day through sunny and rainy days, you, also have to practice reading, writing, and speaking Greek every day – that’s how you will reach your destination faster!

Giving Kids the Chance to Practice

The ability to speak fluent Greek is one of the most rewarding goals and enriching journeys any Greek diaspora child can undertake. Just like the Greek teacher said, kids have to have the opportunity and willingness to practice reading, writing, and speaking Greek every day. In a non-native environment, this is a challenge, as kids mostly only have the opportunity to practice at Greek school on the weekend. That’s why we developed 3 ways to help kids speak Greek throughout the week:

SpeakUp SpeakUp ‘instances’ are speech recognition tasks, where kids listen to a word and then repeat it and SpeakUp will tell them if they got it right or not. SpeakUp instances are part of Ellinopoula’s Learning Path, ensuring kids learn to speak all the words that they learned in the lesson and practice speaking them in the comfort of their home.

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Conversations To supercharge kids’ learning, we’ve integrated SpeakUp instances in Conversations in the Collections section. This enables kids to reinforce everyday conversations vocabulary. We’ve also listed all SpeakUp instances in the main menu to allow kids to practice speaking any instance they like, freely.

SpeakUp Game

And last – and most exciting of all – we’ve just launched our new fun SpeakUp game! Kids select which category and phrase they want to practice or learn. Perhaps instructions on how to get somewhere? Or maybe how to order at the restaurant? Now they can choose any phrase or expression and practice freely or with the clock ticking at 30’’!

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