Best Way for Kids to Learn Greek? Speak Up!


The #1 challenge - Speaking up!

Ask Greek language teachers what the biggest challenge their students face in learning Greek, and most will tell you: “they won’t speak up!” This is why Ellinopoula has created ‘Speak Up’ a much awaited new feature for kids to practice speaking Greek to help them practice and gain the confidence they need to master the Greek language! Sign up with Ellinopoula to get your child speaking Greek, today! OR If you already have an account with Ellinopoula, click here to give Speak-Up a go!

As parents and educators we understand the challenge - and this goes for any language kids learn in school - kids are often nervous to say a word or phrase in front of their peers. Speaking a language, however, (including trying to speak it) is essential in mastering it, there’s just no way around it!

Speak Up - Ellinopoula’s Voice Recognition Software

Speak Up is Ellinopoula’s new feature for helping kids practice speaking Greek; it’s based on cutting edge voice recognition software which enables kids to interact with the app by speaking Greek! The way it works is Speak Up prompts kids to read a word or phrase out loud. If kids get it right they move onto another word. If they get it wrong, Speak Up prompts them to try again. Sign up with Ellinopoula to get your child speaking Greek, today!

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Parents, educators, and especially kids, have welcomed Speak Up with great enthusiasm, not only for its effectiveness, but also because kids love spending hours engaging with Speak Up. This because Speak Up looks and feels like a video game! It features colorful illustrations of Greek fauna animals that prompt and accompany kids to have a fun time getting the Greek words and phrases right.

‘Conversations’ to boost speaking

We also created ‘Conversations’ to complement Speak Up. Conversations is a series of animated videos for kids to learn words and phrases used in common everyday conversational settings. Combining the practice of Speak Up and Conversations enables kids (and adults!) to speak more Greek, better and faster! Sign up with Ellinopoula to get your child speaking Greek, today!

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