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With our structured Learning Path
your child needs only 5 minutes a day to start learning Greek!

What is the Learning Path?

Our structured Learning Path is the ultimate way to teach a child Greek through a step-by-step set of lessons, which take children of any level by the hand and help them learn Greek. This method was created after months of research, listening to parents’ feedback and working closely with educational experts.

How do they learn Greek?

Children will be introduced to the Greek language through one of our "Learning to Read" videos and then practice what they have learned through fun, engaging and interactive educational activities.

Word Matching games
Quizzes and many more...
On-line coloring games
Specially designed videos
Educational games

Which are the features of the Learning Path?

  • Serial step by step process

    Children can repeat any step they have already completed, but they can't skip a step.

  • Multiple steps within each lesson

    Children will learn through a unique combination of interactive educational activities to help reinforce the language.

  • Separate paths for different levels

    Children will enjoy a customized learning experience according to their Greek language level and age.

  • Greek themed lessons

    Each lesson is themed so children will also learn fun and interesting facts about Greek mythology, geography, culture and history.

  • Child achievement status

    Monitor your child’s progress with up-to-the-minute status reports on what they have completed and what step they are on.

How does your child benefit from the Learning Path?

  • A guaranteed way to learn Greek.

  • Your child can do the lesson at his or her own pace.

  • Your child will never get distracted from learning Greek by following the path.

  • Your child will never get bored with all the fun and engaging activities.

  • No more falling behind. Accessible anytime, from anywhere, no matter the weather or your busy schedule.

The e-learning feature parents have been waiting for!