What an amazing school year!


What an amazing school year 2022-2023 has been!

With your continued trust and support, 2022-2023 has been an incredible academic year full of joy, achievement, and growth for our students and the Ellinopoula platform.

It’s been a year of great success as the platform evolved and expanded with the addition of exciting new games, original series, and user experience updates, making the platform easier than ever to navigate for kids, parents, and teachers. There were so many heart-warming moments, as we witnessed our students excel in learning the Greek language, connect with their Greek heritage, and even visiting us in Greece, that we put some of these together to remember and celebrate the past academic year - you can view these moments, here.

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Moreover, the year gone by inspires us to set our sights for even higher achievements in 2023-2024, in what we are confident will be our best year ever! You can see the full academic program for 2023-2024 here.

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