Boosting Kids' Brain Power with Hellenism


How does ‘supercharging’ your child’s brain for better health, academic achievement, and professional success sound? There’s no debating the science anymore; study after study proves that learning a second language makes for a significantly healthier, happier, more successful person. Not only do bilingual and multilingual kids perform better at school compared to their monolingual peers their brains also look and work differently!

See how Ellinopoula helps children learn Greek

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Why then Greek?

Learning Greek is an ideal option for reaping all the cognitive benefits of a bilingual brain. This is because the Greek language encourages abstract, analytical, and logical reasoning – it’s no coincidence Greek is the language of physics and mathematics! Here’s the fun part, The Greek language is interwoven with rich historical and cultural heritage kids all over the world love learning about. That’s why Ellinopoula creates original content with mythical and mythological kings and queens, heroes, gods, monsters and mortals that capture kids’ imaginations. We look to Greek mythology, history, and Hellenic heritage to create entertaining and effective Greek language learning content and illustrations.

Hellenic Heritage to Boost Brain Power!

This journey into Hellenism and the Greek language will help your child connect to a vast heritage which laid the foundations of western civilization. Recent research also demonstrates that learning the language of their parents and/or grandparents has profound mental health and cognitive benefits for Greek Diaspora kids. At Ellinopoula, we’ve ensured that your child will reap such benefits through a pre-screened safe platform, designed for kids to have the most fun possible! Give it a go for free and see for yourself!

See how Ellinopoula Greek Culture Videos help kids learn Greek

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The Power of Greek Mythology

We need to thank the Ancients for the heritage they passed down to us. The stories of Heracles, Odysseus, the Sphinx, Athena, Jason and the Argonauts, the Medusa, and Zeus capture and ignite kids’ imaginations! These stories promote creative thinking, an inquisitive mind, and awaken a yearning to explore and discover. It’s also no coincidence that Aesop’s Fables are considered a staple of kids’ education around the world – kids learn about ethics, human motives, and other invaluable lessons about human nature.

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