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What is Ellinopoula?

Ellinopoula.com is a web-based platform catering to the needs of children and parents of the Greek diaspora, especially focused on building and maintaining Greek language ability through entertainment and other methods.

How was the idea born?

Ellinopoula’s team consists mainly of people who belong to and are a product of the Greek Diaspora. Driven by our love for Greece and our respect for its rich tradition and timeless history we wanted to create something that would help parents around the world pass this heritage to their children. We believe that passing on the Greek language itself is of vital importance to this mission, and Ellinopoula.com is our effort to keep the Greek language alive for the next generation.

Mission statement:

Ellinopoula’s mission is to serve as a medium for Greek immigrant children to:

  • Learn and maintain their familiarity with the Greek language.
  • Maintain their cultural identity while far away from their country of origin.
  • Prepare themselves for a possible return to their motherland, where they will be able to contribute fully in business, government and society in general.