• Structured step-by-step lessons
  • Integrated with Greek Mythology, History, and Culture
  • Thousands of games, videos, and interactive activities
  • Speech Recognition software to practice speaking Greek at home
  • Live Online Classes with native Greek teachers

What is Ellinopoula?

Ellinopoula is a unique e-learning platform designed to make Greek for kids exciting. In addition, we’ve built Ellinopoula to help parents and teachers pass on Greek heritage. We integrate fun games, engaging videos, and thousands of interactive educational activities with Greek mythology, history, and culture.


With the support of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

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Our exciting Greek for kids method!

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Kids are natural learners – they love exploring and learning. Similarly, Greek for kids is more effective when kids have fun discovering the language!

That’s why we’ve created an innovative e-learning platform with unique content to make Greek for kids exciting! With this in mind, we structured our curriculum for kids to learn Greek in a safe and motivating environment, one step at a time. Specifically, we incorporate fun games, engaging videos, and thousands of interactive educational activities steeped in Greek culture. This way kids are excited to share their Greek language discoveries with their classmates.

Just as importantly, we recognized the need to create a platform that both caters to the specific needs of kids at different levels of learning and also takes them by the hand to learn one step at a time. Furthermore, our methodology recognizes the role of parents in kids learning Greek. With this in mind, Ellinopoula features tools and settings that enable parents and teachers to monitor each kid’s, or group’s, progress and share their joy of discovering the Greek language!


Greek for kids content that's fun and effective

To ensure content suitability we structured our curriculum according to the guidelines of the Hellenic Ministry of Education. In addition, we work closely with education professionals with decades of experience teaching kids in Greece and diaspora kids around the world.

To give kids the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Greek language while having fun, we incorporate thousands of educational games, videos, quizzes and interactive activities. To achieve this we select and create original content steeped in Greek mythology, history, and culture. Furthermore, kids become increasingly interested in learning as they connect the Greek-themed content with the language and vice versa. Your child’s well-being is our top priority. For this reason, we screen all content for safety and suitability and place it in an environment free of ads and other distractions.


The essentials to make Greek for kids fun and effective

The Learning Path

Greek for kids is no longer boring or overwhelming with our step-by-step lessons. We achieve this by integrating learning Greek with Greek mythology, history, and culture in fun games, engaging videos, and interactive activities.

Interactive Speech Recognition

We created Ellinopoula to bring children of all ages closer to Hellenism and help them learn the Greek language. A major challenge on the path to mastering the Greek language is to practice speaking it. SpeakUp - our Speech Recognition software - enables kids to practice speaking Greek from the comfort of their own home!

Personalized Content

Every piece of content is safe and appropriate to match each child's age and Greek language level. We do this to ensure our Greek for kids platform is completely customized to fit each child’s needs. As a result, we manage to maximize their learning potential.


Tight weekend schedules and vacations are no longer a hindrance. Your child can learn Greek according to your schedule from the comfort of your own home. Consequently, all lessons are available online and accessible via any web browser or through our apps.


Pass on the Greek language and Hellenism to your children!

As both Greeks and parents we are all proud of our Greek heritage. However, sometimes a busy lifestyle can get in the way of our efforts to pass it down to our kids. Parents, though, are an integral part of kids’ efforts in learning Greek no matter how good any curriculum. That’s why we created Ellinopoula – because we understand how crucial parents’ involvement is in their kids’ efforts to stay motivated in learning Greek. With this intention, we created a flexible, safe, fun, and effective Greek for kids learning method that parents can rely on.

Furthermore the platform is ads and distractions free to ensure kids’ safety, boost learning effectiveness, and allow parents to rest assured. In addition, we believe parents should be able to track their kids’ activity on the platform. This allows parents to monitor their kids’ progress and witness their journey in learning Greek. That’s why we’ve added easy-to-use tools in the parents’ section enabling parents to view their kids’ day-to-day activities and progress from the comfort of their computer or iPad.

Would you like your child to learn Greek?


Equip your Greek school with the most innovative Greek for kids e-learning platform

We work with Greek schools and teachers to ensure classroom kids learn Greek more effectively. With this in mind, we created Ellinopoula to provide schools and teachers with an all-in-one Greek for kids e-learning platform. To this extent, the platform comes with a range of tools to manage and overcome the most common challenges schools and teachers face.

From ready material to progress reports, Ellinopoula offers a complete curriculum for every Greek school. Ellinopoula’s content helps teachers by complementing their existing curriculum and by assisting them in monitoring students’ progress. We achieve this with exciting Greek-themed, colorful, animated content, games and quizzes.

Furthermore, we enable teachers to cater to all kids’ specific needs with tools and content for managing the whole classroom. Specifically, the Ellinopoula platform allows teachers to place each child at the appropriate level and lesson, while also giving them a range of tools for allocating and monitoring individual and group assignments.



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