An innovative and unique e-learning platform designed for kids to learn Greek online and help both parents and teachers pass on Hellenism to the next generation.

We have the same mission as you do

Our mission is to help both parents and Greek school teachers around the world to pass on our Greek language and heritage to the next generation. What better way to do this than using fun and exciting technology children love?

Driven by our love for Greece and our respect for her rich traditions and timeless history, we created Ellinopoula so that children can learn Greek online in a fun and interactive way and be proud of their Greek heritage just as much as we are.

How was the idea born?

Made by Greeks born and raised outside of Greece, who love Greece and are proud of our Hellenic heritage, we wanted to create a platform which would help children to learn this beautiful culture anywhere they are in the world.

We understand how difficult it is for both parents and teachers to pass on our Greek heritage in a foreign land. Ellinopoula.com is our effort to help keep the Greek language alive for generations to come.

By enabling children to learn Greek online, we help you pass on the Greek heritage and make learning Greek fun and engaging for younger generations.

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