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Structured step-by-step lessons

Integrated with Greek Mythology, History, and Culture

Thousands of games, videos, and interactive activities

Live online classes with native Greek teachers

What is it

Ellinopoula is an award-winning e-learning platform designed to make Greek for kids fun and exciting.

In addition, we’ve built Ellinopoula to help parents and teachers pass on Greek heritage. We integrate fun games, engaging videos, and thousands of interactive educational activities with Greek mythology, history, and culture.

What You Get

An All-In-One Educational Platform

Greek for kids is no longer boring or overwhelming with our step-by-step lessons.

Effective and Visible Results

Whatever your child’s level today, our comprehensive program can help them gain proficiency step-by-step, from total beginners all the way through to Ellinomatheia certification.

Ease of Use and Convenience

Ellinopoula is a convenient and effective method for kids to learn Greek from the comfort of your home, via any web browser or on our apps for iPad or Android tablets.

A Safe Environment for your Kids!

Your child will learn Greek safely with pre-screened, age-appropriate content in an ad-free environment with no external messaging.

Why Ellinopoula


Kids learn the Greek language in a unique way

Times have changed and technology has changed - enabling new efficient methods for learning.


Fun and engaging content - the smart way to learn Greek

Kids love learning Greek with so many exciting games, videos, and interactive activities!


Pass on the Greek heritage & Hellenism

In addition to language teaching, Ellinopoula is designed to pass down our rich Greek heritage as well.


The #1 Platform for Greek Online Education

Ellinopoula was commended with three gold awards at the 2021 Education Leaders Awards: Best Online & Distance Learning Platform, Best Digital Education Platform, and Best Innovation in Teaching.



How Do Kids Learn Greek?

Learning Greek is not always easy, especially for kids. That’s why it's important to capture their attention and engage their natural desire for playing and learning.

Ellinopoula provides an effective method for learning Greek so that kids won't lose interest.

We provide structured learning

Kids learn Greek better with an appropriate structure to support their efforts. Our "Learning Path" guides children step-by-step, gradually building up their vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

Kids love the engaging content

Our rich gamified content is key to keeping kids engaged and motivated. We continuously create new fun videos, games, and interactive activities with beautiful, colorful animations and loveable characters children can relate to.

Our visual aids boost learning

We incorporate instructions, subtitles, and captions in English in the first and second level of the curriculum. Furthermore, we've added Greek subtitles to all videos to help kids to connect Greek narration and text.

Kids learn from native Greek speakers

It is important for kids to hear native speakers so they learn pronunciation and intonation. All our content includes three elements: visual, sound and text. The student sees an object, hears the sound of the object and reads the text of the object. Moreover, all our teachers are native Greek speakers.

Kids learn via personalized content

One size does not fit all - that's the reason many kids give up learning Greek. Our platform tailors the content for each child, so they can learn at a level and pace they feel comfortable. It also gives them freedom to explore, so that they can engage with the content in the way that they like best.

Small weekly goals make it easy

Every week your child sees personalized updates in 'My things to do' – a module designed to help your child set small goals to achieve the bigger goal of learning Greek without being overwhelmed.

We also offer live online classes

Ellinopoula also offers optional live group classes delivered via Zoom by certified, Ellinopoula-approved teachers.

The classes complement individual learning on the platform and cater to different ages and levels in different time zones around the world.


This is an AMAZING Greek website with a fantastic wealth of Greek oral language and Greek Cultural content

Georgia Tzanavara

I downloaded your app and Athenoula was loving it this morning. Repeating all of the words, watching the Smurfs, etc.!!! I love that she loves it. Efharisto.

Frozene Philips is the internet program that is universally hailed as the new way of teaching modern Greek through entertainment.

Paul Kotrotsios

Ellinopoula is a fantastic creation helping me teach Greek to my grandchildren

George Spanos

Thank you!!! I really want to keep Greek alive. I’m soooooo grateful for you all and this platform for helping to make that possible!!!

Alexandra Gatsis

Thank you for your assistance this year, the program has been pivotal in helping our kids learn.

Theodore Tasoulas

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