Why does the whole world celebrate the Greek Language?


In a few days - on February 9th - the world will celebrate International Greek Language Day. So why Greek? The day was chosen to recognize the Greek language’s extraordinary contribution and lead role in shaping world culture. The date commemorates the national poet of Greece Dionysios Solomos (April 8th, 1798 - February 9th, 1857), author of “Hymn to Liberty” featured in the Greek and Cypriot national anthems.

The Greek language helped build the world!

Worldwide recognition of the Greek language’s rich history and cultural heritage and extraordinary contribution to humankind is why the Greek language is celebrated worldwide on February 9th. The Greek language has been an integral part of the development of civil life through philosophy, ethics, and politics, as well as our appreciation of beauty and aesthetics through music and art. In addition, it laid the foundations of science through logic, astronomy, and mathematics.

Also, the Greek language was the driving force behind the birth of western literature through Homer’s epics of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Furthermore, the spread of the Bible, which was written in Koine Greek, was integral in shaping Europe civilization. And without a doubt, it was the study of the Greek classics - in Greek – that sparked the Renaissance and helped build the modern world.

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Greek today

For Greek speakers worldwide, this is also a day for us to reflect on the significance of the Greek language in our and our children’s lives regarding communication, cultural preservation, and identity. Fortunately, with current technological advances, teaching Greek to Diaspora kids is easier and faster than ever, enabling us to pass the torch on to the next generation.

We are happy to witness the Greek language experiencing a rebirth of sorts. With many Greeks getting married to non-Greeks, we welcome more people and students of non-Greek parents into our community and are happy to notice that even the non-Greek parents want to learn this rich language and speak it not only with their spouses but also with their kids.

How we help kids learn Greek!

Ellinopoula is proud to be at the forefront of preserving and promoting the Greek language and heritage. Diaspora kids inspire us to achieve more through Ellinopoula, and we remain committed to supporting them along the way! We believe that apart from the advantage of speaking Greek, kids also gain an advantage in comprehending the building blocks of western civilization. We built Ellinopoula to offer Diaspora parents, kids, and schools a range of interactive to make learning Greek fun and effective in a safe and inviting online environment for children to learn.

Download our Free Printable with fun quizzes for kids to celebrate and learn more about the Greek language!!

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Kids discover their heritage

Equally, we remain committed to supporting kids better appreciate their cultural heritage through subjects like Greek mythology, history, customs, and celebrating Greek holidays; our Live Online Classes and Virtual Field Trips are especially effective in helping kids meet and make new friends with other Greek Diaspora kids from around the world.

Also, Greece today is a beautiful country attracting visitors from around the world, eager to explore and discover its treasures; speaking the language allows kids to understand and appreciate Greece even better, and for Diaspora kids, this could make the difference in fully embracing and discovering a second homeland.

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