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A Sunny Day Learning Greek

Picture a sunny day at an amusement park complete with its own circus, rollercoaster, balloons, and Ferris wheel where kids learn Greek with the aid of a steam train! That sunny day is here every day with ‘Syllable Scrabbler’ - our new spelling game for kids to have fun learning Greek! If you have an account with us click here to see the Syllable Scrabbler and the other games. If you do not have an account with us, sign-up to create an account. The first month is free anyway.

How Does it Work?

Sometimes the most basic activities are also the most profound and effective in learning or improving a skill; such as professional athletes simply practicing standing on one leg to improve their balance. Similarly, Syllable Scrabbler is a game that helps kids practice the basics of spelling in a fun way – they listen to words in Greek and then they have to select the correct syllables that make up the word. Each syllable is located in a different train wagon in the amusement park, and kids have to select the right ones to spell the word onboard the steam train!

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How Syllable Scrabbler Benefits Kids

Learning Greek with Syllable Scrabbler has a wide range of benefits. Combining audio and visual cues strengthens kids’ mastery of Greek vocabulary, improves their spelling, helps strengthen their working memory and focus – and did we mention it’s great fun?

Greek Made Easy

It’s only natural for kids and adults alike, to experience a degree of intimidation learning a new skill. Just like Conversations and Speak UP, we want kids to feel comfortable in learning step-by-step. Kids get to appreciate and love the Greek language when they’re having fun learning it. Syllable Scrabbler is split into three stages depending on kids’ level of Greek and it enables kids to practice spelling on their own. Choose the wrong ‘train-wagon syllable’? No problem - it makes a funny noise and you get to choose (play) again and you can click on the audio cue to listen to the word again without any time limitations. The game also strengthens social bonds and cooperation, such as two friends playing together, trying to find the correct syllable or remember what the word means.

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Have Fun Learning Greek – Today!

Syllable Scrabbler is a fun, convenient way for kids to practice their Greek between Greek school classes. It works synergistically with Speak Up and Conversations to enable kids to learn more Greek, better and faster! Give it a try and join the fun today!

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