The March Bracelet


What if you could give your child an authentic present straight from ancient Greece? Well, you can! There’s a custom of wearing a red bracelet in March surviving all the way from antiquity to the present day. On the first day of March each year until the end of the month, children wear a red and white thread bracelet called “Martis.” Click here to download a printable March bracelet to color with your kid.

There are many explanations about its possible origins. Some say the bracelet dates back to the Eleusinian Mysteries when priests would wear a red thread on their right wrist and one on their left ankle for protection against evil spells. Others claim its purpose was to protect against the powerful sun rays.

martis bracelet

In different regions of Greece and other locations in the Balkans, there are different versions surrounding the myth of the Martis bracelet and its certainly great fun exploring and discovering them. Modern versions of the Martis also come with an ‘evil eye’ to protect against evil.

martis bracelet kid

Young kids are often excited to discover what kids wore in Greece thousands of years ago – especially as the very same bracelet is also worn in Greece today. All that’s needed is two pieces of thick thread, one white and white red. So, why not give it a try and keep the Ancient custom alive while having a fun time with your child?

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