The Importance of Greek Orthodox Easter for Kids


Probably the most important of all festivities for Greeks every year is Orthodox Easter. Beyond its religious aspects, it is the most characteristic Greek cultural festivity. Just picture Greeks celebrating Easter anywhere in the world – that image of joy and togetherness that is also “sacred” is unmistakeably “Greek.” And it’s such a powerful setting, that it draws non-Greeks into it as they are fascinated by the celebrations and overall mood.

This is not lost on kids; from a very young age, they realize that Greek Easter is not just a “big celebration between Christmas and summer.” They know it’s not only about “having delicious food and cracking painted eggs”; they can appreciate it’s also an essential part of being Greek. That’s why we want to help them learn more about it! In fact, currently, we’re helping our Live Online Classes students prepare for Greek Easter activities in class as they brush up on their Greek in time for summer!

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Greek Language & Culture

Ideally, for kids learning Greek, the objective is for them to live and breathe the Greek language in combination with Greek heritage and traditions; We built our core teaching function on the platform “the Learning Path” - on this type of language immersion. And Greek Orthodox Easter is one of the most important is a great time to learn relevant words and customs! !

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Staying Connected

Easter Sunday celebrations give Greek diaspora kids the chance to practice speaking Greek as well as to listen to their extended family speaking and sharing stories in Greek – perhaps they can practice a few phrases for pappou and yiayia? Beyond its religious significance, Easter in Greece is a time of milder weather, when people working the land or traveling by sea could get together with their family and enjoy the outdoors and catch up with their relatives.

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Learning Greek through Storytelling

And as storytelling is a major component of building social bonds and learning a language, our Easter Activities Collection features stories like “Πάσχα στο Χωριό” (Easter at the Village) which introduces kids to a picturesque Greek village during Easter festivities. Our new Easter collection also features Easter songs, videos, printouts, quizzes, puzzles, and games. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for some young kids to greet their grandparents and other relatives, in Greek. For children, the collection offers the opportunity to experience Greek Easter vividly with colorful games, quizzes, color-in activities, and videos. It helps kids piece together different images, words, and colors to form a richer understanding of the meaning and importance of Greek Easter.

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