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Greek Alphabet for kids is now fun and exciting! Ellinopoula’s educational games are helping kids to learn the Greek language, while developing many cognitive skills. All children love to play and this is the main reason we created those amazing games! To make Greek alphabet for kids, a joyful procedure. Alphabet Bubbles, will teach our little friends the Greek alphabet letters and at the same time will offer plenty of laughter and joy. Your child, will love learning one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

In this game, children don’t feel that they spend time “learning”. They are actually using the Greek language in their life, by trying to pop those Alphabet Bubbles! Kids, just want to get the corresponding Greek letter right and pop the bubble because it’s fun. In Alphabet Bubbles, your child is a deep sea diver, with the mission to hit the letter-bubble, corresponding to the audio prompt. Hitting the right bubble, results in five points to the score and a “well done” being heard. Hitting the wrong bubble, results in a loss of three points and a buzzing sound to signify the error

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Μore games, puzzles and videos

Greek alphabet games for kids, are designed in the most interactive way, to keep the Greek language alive. In ellinopoula’s e-learning platform, you will find more engaging videos and songs about the Greek alphabet for kids, fun games and many more activities such as quizzes and puzzles. Everything is designed, in order to make the learning process of the Greek alphabet fun and exciting! These are some of the top learning activities, you will find on our website:

  • Letter matching game Match the letters and learn the Greek alphabet from the comfort of your home.
  • Coloring book game Online Coloring game is so fun. In this game you can learn Greek, while at the same time you are coloring the pages.
  • Alphabet short videos Educational videos for each letter of the Greek alphabet for kids to introduce them to the shape and sound of the letters.
  • Alphabet jigsaw puzzle Fun puzzles for you to assemble and learn Greek at the same time.
  • Alphabet song video One amazing song for each letter of the alphabet! Kids will love it.
  • Alphabet cutout puzzle Fun Cutout Puzzles which teach Greek. Every piece that you put in place has a sound and text.
  • Alphabet dedicated page We dedicated a whole page for each letter of the Greek alphabet.
  • Alphabet printable page Print one of our pages, connect the dots and reveal the secret image. You could also print and color a page to decorate your fridge or print and practice, writing the Greek alphabet.

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Greek Alphabet through Ages

Now that you know Alphabet bubbles, the most fun educational game, about Greek Alphabet for kids, let’ s find out some historical facts. The Greek alphabet is considered to be the progenitor of most of the main European languages. It is used since the 9th century BC and its roots can be found in an even more ancient alphabet, the “Phoenician”. Greeks, greatly improved the Phoenician alphabet by adding vowels, in order to make reading, much easier. Therefore, they created the first alphabetic script, with consonants, as well as vowels.

This common alphabet and language, bound Greeks together and from the moment they made their own written language, they immediately began writing their myths and stories. This is the main reason that we know so many things about ancient philosophy, history, art and many more aspects of their daily life.

In the early Greek alphabet, someone could spot many differences from one place to another. Ultimately, Greeks started to use the same alphabet over the years and by 350 BC, when Alexander the Great was a king, every Greek was using the same, 24 letter alphabet.

About 200 B.C., a Greek grammarian and scholar, Aristophanes of Byzantium, invented the three diacritical marks. The acute, the grave and the circumflex, in order to change the sound value of the letters.

In 1982, the monotonic system was adopted by the Greek state. This system is used until now and has only a single diacritic, the acute accent

The 24 letters of the Greek Alphabet for kids

Written texts offer to humanity what memory offers to the individual. So, the great Greek civilization would not be possible to rise, without the Greek Alphabet. The alphabet has twenty four letters and guess what the first two are!!! Yes you are right! Alpha and Beta… the two letters that gave us the word alphabet.

1 Α Άλφα Alpha
2 Β Βήτα Beta
3 Γ Γάμα Gamma
4 Δ Δέλτα Delta
5 Ε Έψιλον Epsilon
6 Ζ Ζήτα Zeta
7 Η Ήτα Eta
8 Θ Θήτα Theta
9 Ι Γιώτα Iota
10 Κ Κάπα Kappa
11 Λ Λάμδα Lambda
12 Μ Μι Mu
13 Ν Νι Nu
14 Ξ Ξι Xi
15 Ο Όμικρον Omicron
16 Π Πι Pi
17 Ρ Ρο Rho
18 Σ Σίγμα Σίγμα
19 Τ Ταυ Tau
20 Υ Ύψιλον Ypsilon
21 Φ Φι Phi
22 Χ Χι Chi
23 Ψ Ψι Psi
24 Ω Ωμέγα Omega

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Greek Alphabet for Kids - Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Apart from its use in the ancient and modern Greek language, the Greek alphabet can be found in a vast amount of technical symbols in many fields. Mathematicians, scientists and engineers use the Greek Alphabet in their daily life. The simple reason about this fact, is that the basic mathematics, engineering and science concepts, were discovered by ancient Greeks. Greek letters are used as symbols for special functions, constants and variables representing certain quantities. The most famous letters are:

  • The first 3 letters, α (alpha), β (beta) and γ (gamma) are used as variables for angles, in trigonometry.
  • Delta (δ or Δ in upper case) is used when writing about differentiation in calculus. It means a change in quantity. So δx (or Δx) means a small change in x.
  • ε (epsilon) is also used in calculus to declare an extremely small quantity, almost equal to zero.
  • In trigonometry, θ (theta) is used as a variable for angles.
  • Lamda (λ, upper case: Λ) is used to symbolize the wavelength of a periodic wave.
  • In Scientific Notation we use (μ), for the prefix micro. For example, a dog’s hair is 60 μm wide.
  • π (pi), is the famous value we get, if we divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter.
  • Rho (ρ, or Ρ in upper case) represent the density of an object and is also used to represent the radius.
  • Upper case sigma (Σ) is used for sum, in Summation Notation.
  • Phi (φ, or Φ in upper case) is one of the most recognizable symbols, used for the Golden Ratio 1.618.
  • O-mega (ω, or Ω in upper case) means the big O and is used to express electricity resistance, in ohms (Ω).

Live, learn and be Greek

So, how can we amplify our children’s enthusiasm to learn Greek? At Ellinopoula, we believe that the main reason children do not reach a high level on the Greek Language, is the lack of an interactive environment. For this reason, Ellinopoula’s platform is designed to encourage kids to engage, in the most fun educational activities. Kids are learning Greek in real time, with immediate feedback. Everything is about learning, living and being the Greek language.

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