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Why a Greek Learning App?

A Greek learning app is a fun, convenient and safe way to learn Greek. Whereas most of us grew up in a time of books, magazines, and remote controls, it’s no secret that kids today access information primarily through the internet and mobile applications. To this extent, whether kids attend Greek school or not, Greek learning apps are becoming an integral part of learning. As a result, parents and schools are increasingly looking for Greek learning apps to enhance students’ progress in learning Greek. For this reason, we created Ellinopoula-Premium, an innovative and interactive Greek learning app for Greek Diaspora kids.

A Greek Learning App for Kids and Schools

As an extension of the Ellinopoula platform, Ellinopoula-Premium is built to support Greek schools by giving kids the motivation and opportunity to practice daily at their own pace and content of choice. Furthermore, Ellinopoula-Premium helps Greek schools create a multitude of curricula with ready-made quizzes, games, and videos. It also offers schools and teachers all the tools needed to track individual and group assignments and progress, thereby raising teaching efficiency and effectiveness.

Not only that, but teachers can get unique insight into which topics kids are more interested. This allows them to tailor their curricula to match the classes’ preferences on a wide range of themed topics ranging from Greek mythology to Halloween and from learning about shapes and colors to learning about the human body. Similarly, our app is equally suited for kids who don’t have the opportunity to attend Greek school. It achieves this through fun step-by-step lessons and tools that parents can use to track their kids’ progress.

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Greek Learning App Steeped in Hellenism

At Ellinopoula, we believe the Greek language and Hellenism are inseparable; with this in mind, we created Ellinopoula-Premium, our Greek learning app to help schools and parents pass on both. Consequently, each child has the opportunity to learn Greek while learning about Greek mythology, traditions, geography and culture presented in fun, fully animated lessons. To this extent, we constantly create and add new original Greek-themed content for kids, exclusive to Ellinopoula.

Hellenic Ministry of Education Guidelines

We built Ellinopoula to give kids the opportunity to learn Greek in an effective way through a tested comprehensive curriculum. Specifically, we follow the guidelines set out by the Hellenic Ministry of Education for teaching Greek as a second language. We do so to ensure our platform contains the most suitable and effective content for kids learning Greek. Ellinopoula-Premium is a Greek learning app which enables kids to learn through aural, visual, and verbal methods. We achieve this with a wide range of fun educational videos, games, tutoring, and other activities.

Game-Based Greek Learning Apps

At Ellinopoula we believe fun learning is effective learning. That’s why we work with education specialists to develop content to motivate kids to stay on the Greek learning path. Consequently, we regularly add new fun videos, games, and interactive activities with beautiful, colorful animations and loveable characters. Furthermore, in addition to Ellinopoula-Premium, our main Greek learning app, we offer ‘stand-alone’ game-based Greek learning apps for learners of Greek who want to learn by having fun playing an exciting game. These game-based Greek learning apps include ‘Spelling Duck’, ‘Shooting Hoops’, ‘Heroes and Monsters’, and ‘Soccer Goals’.

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Busy schedules and even bad weather may get in the way of kids going to Greek school. Similarly, holiday breaks may lead to kids forgetting a lot of the material they learned at Greek school. Consistency is crucial in learning Greek; kids have to practice a little every day and Greek learning apps can give this opportunity. Equipped with an iPad and Ellinopoula-Premium app, parents can give their kids the opportunity to have fun learning Greek, anytime. It also gives kids and parents the opportunity to share the joy of the learning experience.


Our Greek learning app is customized to each kid to ensure the curriculum is appropriate for their needs. Specifically, kids have access to the “Learning Path”, our highly effective method for motivating kids to stay on the course of learning Greek. The Learning Path is a set of step-by-step lessons which caters to children starting from little to no Greek; it begins with basic concepts and progresses according to each child’s needs.


In most cases, entertainment and education apps are a safer option for kids when compared to browsing a webpage. However, not all apps are link and ad-free; at Ellinopoula, kids’ safety and well-being is our No1 priority. Consequently, we screen all content on the platform and our Greek learning apps for safety and suitability. As a result, parents can have peace of mind that their kids are learning in an ad and distractions free environment. Ellinopoula is kid SAFE certified.

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New Content

Whether for entertainment or education, one of the major reasons kids give up an app is because they get used to formulaic content and structure. Specifically, effective learning is a dynamic, interactive procedure and this applies to Greek learning apps. With this in mind, Ellinopoula-Premium is a Greek learning app built to engage and guide kids into the world of Hellenism and the Greek language through structured methods and novel content. Most of all, our Greek learning app stands out for being inspired by Hellenism and the Greek language which provides us with endless material for kids to be excited about. With Ellinopoula-Premium, kids can expect to access all kinds of new material on a regular basis.

Track Progress

One of the major benefits of Ellinopoula-Premium is that it gives parents and kids the tools to track their progress. Furthermore, Ellinopoula-Premium is a Greek learning app built to motivate kids to enjoy tracking their journey of learning Greek. Similarly, our content features stories of kids and heroes going on all kinds of adventures. Through these characters’ journeys and discoveries, kids also learn to track their own journey of learning Greek one step at a time.

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