This Christmas - a Gift of Knowledge!


Premium and Affordable

Christmas is just a few days away and parents are thinking of the best gifts for their kids. So how about a present that is fun, educative, convenient, long-lasting, and won’t break the bank, sound? Ellinopoula Premium app for Android tablets ticks every box and more!

You see, we wanted to develop an app that gives all kids access to all Ellinopoula content on an affordable device. This Christmas, Ellinopoula app for Android tablets is a valuable investment for your child’s education. With Ellinopoula Premium app on Android tablets, kids can easily access such features as the Learning Path, our interactive speech recognition software (SpeakUp), and all our quizzes, videos, and printables.

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On The Learning Path – Anytime, Anywhere

Kids don’t need to sit in front of a computer anymore to learn Greek! They love using tablets so with Ellinopoula Premium app for Android tablets, kids can have fun learning Greek. They’ll enjoy learning Greek and all about our beautiful Culture, History, and Mythology, anytime, anywhere, with the Learning Path - our exclusive step-by-step methodology.

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Faster Progress with SpeakUp

With an Android tablet and Ellinopoula Premium app, kids can easily interact with SpeakUp, our newly launched, cutting-edge speech recognition software. For kids, SpeakUp is a whole new world of fun! It prompts them to read a word or phrase out loud. If they get it right they move onto another word. If they get it wrong, Speak Up prompts them to try again so they constantly keep on learning and practicing.

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Entertainment at your Fingertips

Ellinopoula Premium app is perfect for those moments when parents need to keep kids entertained while also helping them to learn Greek. Tablets are perfect for parents and children to gather together and watch fun and educative content. Ellinopoula’s Christmas Collection features Greek Christmas carols, the Story of the Pomegranate, the Karavaki, the Kallikantzaroi, and the Vasilopita.

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Smart Investment

Ellinopoula Premium app runs on Android tablets of which there are many different brands, specifications, and price ranges to suit every kid’s age and requirements. Tablet use for education is becoming the norm rather than the exception, and kids learn fast and intuitively. An Android tablet and Ellinopoula Premium app is a great way for kids to learn Greek interactively, have fun, and stay on the path of learning.

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You can have peace of mind handing your child an android tablet with Ellinopoula Premium app. Our software engineers created Ellinopoula Premium app to provide a portable, safe environment, free of pop-ups, ads, and links to other online content. All content is pre-screened and certified KidSafe.

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While we don’t know which android tablet Santa will bring your household this year, we do know which app is the best option for it! Download and discover Ellinopoula Premium app.

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