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How do Greek schools benefit from our online Greek lessons? From the start, our mission has been to create online Greek lessons for Greek schools to benefit Diaspora kids. For this reason, we maintain a very close relationship with Greek schools around the world. We strive to understand their needs and help them overcome their challenges.

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Online tools for Greek schools

Specifically, Ellinopoula achieves this by giving Greek schools a set of online tools to manage and evaluate all students’ progress. We understand how important a Greek teacher’s job is and in creating these tools, we have set out to make their job easier; this enables Greek teachers to focus more on teaching and less on managing their class. Now Greek schools can accomplish more with Ellinopoula’s Syllabus view, Class report, Detailed Student report, Assessment tests, Assessment Report, and Student Placement function.

Safety first

At Ellinopoula, our top priority is maintaining a safe environment, free of external links, adverts, and inappropriate content. That is why Ellinopoula is kidSAFE certified and we screen all content before adding it to the platform.

Structured online Greek lessons

Greek schools often face a lack of congruent content and Greek lessons methods. To address this, our team of education professionals structured the platform to include their 20+ years’ teaching experience within the standards of the Hellenic Ministry of Education for teaching Greek to kids abroad. (add link to the Hellenic standards)

Helping Greek schools tackle absenteeism

Lifestyles have changed. Oftentimes, both parents work and it’s not easy to drive kids to Greek class. This may lead to kids falling behind due to absenteeism. With Ellinopoula, all Greek lessons and content are online, so kids can go over what they missed at school in the comfort of their own home. Also, this way they do not hold back the rest of the class. This leads to better individual and class performance.

Greek lessons are fun again!

When our team of education experts set out to create Ellinopoula, we recognized the need to create fun teaching material. We understood kids learn Greek better when they’re having fun. That’s because kids – especially today’s generation – have access to entertaining education at their fingertips and expect Greek lessons to be fun also. That’s why we’ve created beautiful educative Greek lessons full of games and videos for all kinds of material from learning the Greek alphabet to putting syllables together to form words, and adding words together to form sentences.

Thousands of activities for Greek schools to choose from!

Ellinopoula features thousands of interactive activities for Greek teachers to keep students motivated. Greek school teachers can add quizzes, games, puzzles, interactive activities and a unique online coloring game to their Greek lessons. Learning about clothing today at school? Well, some fun homework could be Ellinopoula’s Soccer or asketball games or one of the many cutout puzzles. In this way, Greek teachers succeed in immersing kids in the Greek language. Furthermore, this ensures kids get a combination of different types of educational activities to reinforce their learning.

thousands of activities for greek schools

Greek lessons steeped in Greek heritage

Ellinopoula incorporates beautifully designed Greek themed content taken from our beautiful mythology (link to the mythology blog) timeless history, geography and rich culture. We feature such content as the Odyssey, the Argonautic Expedition, Aesop’s Fables, and other Greek heritage treasures. In this way, kids get to learn Greek and explore their vast heritage. In addition, kids become more interested in learning Greek by connecting their heritage with the Greek language. For instance, kids have great fun listening to Odysseus speaking in Greek and they try to learn the words he speaks!

A green and cost-effective alternative for Greek schools

Paper-based teaching is not only costly to Greek schools, it also costs the environment! Ellinopoula offers an alternative to traditional classrooms with a wide range of e-learning methods. This is an effective way for schools to reduce their costs and carbon footprint. However, for those times that writing is needed, Ellinopoula also offers all the printed material teachers need to ensure that kids learn.

Online Greek lessons for every school’s syllabus

Ellinopoula gives Greek schools a vast range of content and supporting tools for Greek teachers to manage their classes. Greek teachers can use Ellinopoula as the main curriculum using our unique Learning Path as the basis or as a supplement to their curriculum. Greek teachers can choose from a wide range of Thematic Collections, games, videos, and activities. The ‘Learning Path’, our step-by-step structured Greek lessons, gives Greek teachers a tailored teaching method for each student. It’s a pre-set method that adapts to each student’s needs as they progress. Furthermore, the Learning Path and the rest of the platform is available 24/7 so that each kid can make up for missed lessons anytime and not fall behind the rest of the class. This allows Greek teachers to supervise each kid’s progress separately without any need to prepare lessons. Also, Ellinopoula offers Greek teachers several summary and detail reports to monitor student and class progress.

Greek lessons for all levels

As every Greek teacher knows, not all students are at the same level at the same time. This poses a tough challenge for Greek teachers when making Greek lessons. In fact, it’s a major reason some Greek lessons fail and kids give up on their efforts to learn Greek. Therefore, to create effective Greek lessons, Greek teachers have to tailor the content for each kid. That’s why it’s very important for kids to start learning at a level they feel comfortable at. Ellinopoula offers teachers the flexibility to place a child at the beginning or the middle of a level to follow the Learning Path at a suitable level.

greek lessons for all levels

Ultimately, the aim of all Greek schools and teachers is to manage their students’ progress effectively. With Ellinopoula, Greek teachers can view the syllabus, students’ progress, and analyze how kids respond to each lesson and activity. Greek teachers can use the ‘Teacher’s Dashboard’ to manage their Greek lessons and their student’s progress and help them where they are lacking or having difficulties.

Tools for Greek teachers to evaluate students’ progress

Ellinopoula’s Dashboard offers features a set of unique online tools to help manage and evaluate students such as the Syllabus view, The Class report, the Detail Student report, the Assessment tests, Assessment Report and the Student Placement ability. We understand how significant a teacher’s job is and in creating these tools, we have set out to make it easier and more pleasant thus taking a bit of their burden off their shoulders.

  • The Syllabus: Greek teachers can view a detailed summary of all lessons and classes. Preparing lessons for school isn’t necessary anymore because each lesson’s content is included in the syllabus. With one look a teacher can see all the lessons for the year but she/he can also choose to see the detail steps of each lesson and she/he can be working on multiple lessons at the same time in one and the same class.
  • Class report: The Class report gives the teacher a view of the progress of each student in her/his class. The Greek teacher can select any date range and thus know how the class was doing last month and how the class is doing this month or even this week or this day.
  • Student Detailed report: This report shows the detail of what the student has done both during the class and at home and when. For example, a teacher can see if the child did all his homework the day before the school class or he spread it throughout the week. Or he played with some Ellinopoula games during the week.
  • Assessment tests and reports: No more doubts about how a student is doing or if he has mastered the material. The Assessment tests at the end of each lesson make sure that the child has learned the entire lesson’s material. The Assessment report allows the teacher to know where the student has done well and where help is needed. For example, the student may be very good at vocabulary and reading comprehension but not in grammar. In this case, the teacher can help the student with the grammar and also has the flexibility to re-assign the student to re-do only that part of the lesson and not the whole lesson.

learn better greek through playing

Greek lessons gamification

It has been proven that children - and adults - learn better through play. Remember Monopoly? Kids learned a lot of math, real estate, and finance while playing this game. Similarly, imagine playing a soccer game and learning Greek words about food or clothing. Ellinopoula constantly develops games with a specific core vocabulary or subject in mind; even the most common and basic grammar activities become a game. Furthermore, everything a child does on the platform garners points enabling teachers to initiate healthy in-class competition. This could lead to a ‘Student of the Month’ competition motivating kids to try even harder.

Ellinopoula helps kids retain what they learned

A frequent problem Greek schools face is students forgetting what they learned. This can happen when kids don’t have the chance to learn Greek on a daily basis. Ellinopoula addressed this lack of opportunity to practice with the creation of online activities. Our extracurricular activities give kids the chance to reinforce and retain the grammar and vocabulary they learned in their Greek lessons. Our method is more effective due to the fun games, videos, and other activities designed to enhance their learning momentum.

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