Easter Eggs Excitement!


Easter is an integral part of Hellenism and Greek families all over the world are preparing to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. We’ve all noticed how even very young kids understand the significance of Easter. We’ve also noticed how excited kids get when it comes to cracking colored Easter eggs! It’s not just the chocolate eggs that excite kids– or even the infamous wooden egg some naughty kids reserve for the occasion to win their egg-cracking duels! – kids sense the transcendent aspect of this religious and cultural custom.

For this Easter, we’ve got a little something to add an extra bit of fun around the Easter table.

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Maze Printout

Our Easter eggs’ maze printout is a fun activity for kids to color in different eggs with the right color - click here to download a copy. Right after Easter Sunday lunch, kids can collaborate and color in a copy together, or do so individually to compare their creations. To make it even more interesting, you could ask them to name the colors in Greek or to ask them how you say ‘eggs’ or ‘drawing’ in Greek. It’s an ideal activity to bring all generations in a family together over a game, as well as for kids to brush up on basic vocabulary and apply the Greek language in a meaningful context through a Greek Orthodox – themed activity.

From all of us at Ellinopoula we wish you

Καλό Πάσχα και Καλή Ανάσταση!

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